I have had a private life coaching practice since 1997 helping individuals learn tools and skills to assist them in leading their "best life".  My life and career took a turn with the birth of my son in 2004.  I was introduced to the Natural Health community and it became a lifestyle and a passion for me.

I have a Doctor of Naturopathy, Reiki Master Certification, Meditation Instructor Certification and have developed my private practice to assisting families and individuals learn to live "limit free" lives naturally.  My services include healing and wellness consultations and education.  Reiki, Meditation, Aromatherapy/Essential Oils and Stress Management Skills.  My intention is to empower individuals and families to access their inner power in healing and wellness levels that will allow them to lead thriving, balanced lives of wellness and joy!

I am also available to conduct educational seminars and trainings for professionals and the community on a variety of wellness topics.  If you would like more information please send your questions on the contact form.



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