Easy Delicious Recipe!

We have a new favorite meal in our house.  Not only is it delicious but I love it because it is EASY and QUICK to make and is a great lunch to bring to school or work.  All features that make it an A+ in my book.  So give it a try and let me know what you think!


2 cans black beans (drained and rinsed)

2 cans chickpeas (drained and rinsed)

1/2 red onion (chopped

20 cherry tomatoes (halved)

1/2 cup fresh parsley (chopped)

1/2 cup fresh mint (chopped)

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1/4 lemon juice


In a large bowl, combine the chickpeas, black beans, red onion, cherry tomatoes, parsley and mint.  In a small bowl, mix together olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice and pepper.  Pour over the salad and toss to coat.


What is Limit Free Living?

What is Limit Free Living?

A Limit Free Living person explores life and tries new experiences that hold true to the deepest parts of themselves rather than being influenced by what the masses around them are doing. They are the people who think freely and have the courage to hear their own voice and follow their own integrity.

  • A Limit Free Person is self confident
  • A Limit Free Person is self reliant
  • A Limit Free Person lives free from stress and anxiety
  • A Limit Free Person leads a peaceful life
  • A Limit Free Person lives in the “present” moment
  • A Limit Free Person lives their best health
  • A Limit Free Person is creative
  • A Limit Free Person feels a sense of purpose in their life

Living a limit free life means living a life where you are THRIVING and experiencing the joys of each day instead of merely SURVIVING each day mindlessly going through the daily “to do” list. Based on the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Limit Free Living is the blueprint for living our best life!



Small Steps Can Create BIG Accomplishments!

Goals.  Intentions.  Transformations.  I am amazed at how these words can intimidate and overwhelm people.  The moment they enter a conversation they are often followed by stories of how many times someone set a goal and never achieved it.  The energy often shifts to a distinct feeling of sadness, frustration and often hopelessness.

Often there can be a resistance to even contemplating a change or creation of a goal because the person has already determined that they will never succeed or that it is simply too much or too difficult to even try.  It also appears that there is usually plenty of support to find from others in encouraging this negative energy.  Many times people are quick to share cautionary tales of others who have tried and failed.

The result is that the reason so many people say they never accomplish their goals or intentions are because they never start.

Focus on the power that one step can have.  There’s nothing wrong with having a final goal or intention but once you have it, work backwards and create a list of steps or “mini” goals that need to be taken to get to the final goal.  Think of it as the path.  Then take the first step on that path and make that your immediate goal.  I guarantee this goal will be a LOT less complex and overwhelming than the final one.  It may require an action so simple it will seem insignificant yet it will create an energy of action and that is what is critical.  Without those seemingly insignificant action steps there will be no progress towards your goals,  but with them….it is walking the path toward a new destination.  Another benefit is that focusing on the small goals along the way allows us to be more fully present throughout the journey instead of mindlessly moving through the days only looking far into the distance.

So I encourage you to step out of the energy of defeat and hopelessness and turn your focus to taking one small action, experience what it feels like to succeed at that small action and use that energy to take another small action and another until, before you know it, you have accomplished more than you thought possible!

Bridges Over Troubled Waters

One of my favorite quotes is “Be kind for everyone is fighting their own battle”.

I have always used this as a reminder to myself that every single person we meet has a story happening in their lives. The hope is that, for the most part, these stories are peaceful and happy. I think of life as the ocean. I am most at peace when it is calm and I can just float along embracing the gentle rocking motions and allowing the energy to fill me. Then there are the times when the larger swells build and carry me up high in their arc and then release me with a “whoosh” and I feel the excitement of the adrenaline rush similar to those moments going downhill on a bicycle or a ride at an amusement park. Those usually happen with the big momentous occasions in life (celebrations including births, weddings, new beginnings etc.)

However, there are also the times when the storm clouds come in and the water takes on a new rhythm. It is choppy and no longer soothing. The swells are menacing and no longer exciting and there is not the fun, exhilarating release from them but rather a crashing down of them around you tossing you every which way. These are the times in our life when our experiences bring us feelings of uncertainty, pain, confusion and fear. They will occur. There is no special protection one can do to avoid them. They are part of the natural balance of life. Without them we would not be able to recognize and appreciate the tides of calm and exhilaration.   Although we can appreciate that they are a natural and necessary part of the rhythm of life it doesn’t mean it is in any way easy or fun when we are in rough waters.

When the rough waters hit and the instinct is to panic and feel fear, open your eyes and look around. There will be a bridge – in the midst of all the tossing and crashing of waves there will always be a bridge – whether it is a person or organization or some other form of support that will be there to help support you. While the waters will still be rough the bridge will help provide some stability and protection as you go through the storm to the inevitable calmer waters that will always come again.

Today – take a moment to recognize and thank the “Bridges Over Troubled Water” that are and have been in your lives and be aware of when you may need to be a bridge for someone else.

Thank you to my Bridges Over Troubled Water!






Creating Limit Free Lives Lecture at West Babylon Public Library


Saturday, July 18, 2-3PM West Babylon Public Library

Kate Finnick, N.D., M.S. will discuss how to incorporate simple, natural resources and habits into your life that will create a balance that allows you to thrive.  Explore how nutrition, complementary health services such as reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic, essential oils and stress management can be resources.  Make simple changes that can bring big, positive results in your life.  Register today by calling 631-669-5445

This is a great introductory session to a class that I will be giving in the fall!

Have a great day!

What is Reiki and why is it important for my well-being?

Reiki has become an invaluable part of my family’s health and well-being.  I have countless stories of the different ways that Reiki has assisted myself, my family and my friends.  Over the next few posts I will share some of those examples but for this post I wanted to give a brief explanation of what Reiki is to those who may be unfamiliar with it.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means spiritually guided life force energy.  It is the energy that is found in and around all living things.  It is natural, gentle and non-invasive.  It is a hands on energy work that promotes relaxation and stress reduction.  Reiki clears and heals the energy pathways which allows the life force energy to flow in a healthy and natural way.  Reiki can be used with any medical regimen without changing or negatively impacting the treatment.  There are no drug interactions or negative side effects.

Energy life force flows within our physical bodies using pathways called chakras and meridians.  This energy provides nourishment to the organs and cells of our bodies and supports them in functioning optimally.  When energy flow is blocked it will cause diminished functioning in areas of the physical body.  When this occurs it allows the individual to be much more vulnerable to illness.  When it is flowing freely and smoothly it supports the health of the individual.

Reiki is important in stress management because it is so calming it encourages the relaxation response.  A relaxed body heals faster and has a stronger immune system.

Reiki is not a religion and is not based on any particular belief.  It empowers the natural ability of the body to heal and supports all medical and other health treatments with no negative side effects or risks.

Dr. Oz has stated…”Reiki is the most important alternative medicine of all!” He also has stated that his wife is a Reiki Master who treats their children and himself with Reiki. http://iarp.org/dr-oz-and-the-healing-power-of-reiki/

Some of the many benefits of Reiki include:  assistance with pain relief —  strengthens the immune system  —  clears toxins  —  increases energy  —  assists with reduction in stress and anxiety  —  strengthens the natural healing processes  —  promotes sleep and balances energy

Reiki comes from a higher wisdom and there are five basic principles of reiki that I use as a guideline for life:

Just for today, do not be angry

Just for today, do not worry

Just for today, be grateful

Just for today, work hard

Just for today, be kind to others

The idea is that these simple steps will improve the life of an individual and the world at large.  By thinking of it as “just for today” it keeps it from being overwhelming.  After all – it is much easier to know you can do something just for the day.  However, each day adds on to another and before you know it it becomes a way of life!

Treat yourself to a Reiki treatment!  Call 631-665-1666 for an appointment and mention that you read this blog and get $20 off the regular fee!


Lead By Example

The past couple of weeks I keep finding myself asking the question “am I leading by example?”  I have been making it a point to be very conscious of really listening to the words of everyone around me and I realize how often people speak about how others “should” be behaving.  Sometimes they are speaking about children and sometimes they are speaking about other adults.  Their thoughts are usually shared in a very passionate way that expresses how important they feel these qualities are and yet so many actually demonstrate the exact opposite of these qualities in their own daily actions.

Many times I see people post beautiful, inspirational quotes about kindness and loving others and then I observe them in their daily interactions being harsh or judgemental toward someone.  Working in a school setting I am amazed at times when I hear adults admonishing children for not being kind or honest or hardworking and then watch as the adults proceed to exhibit those very same behaviors.

I am the first to admit how difficult it can be at times to live the character and ideals that I value so much.  There are days when my actions and words are completely in sync with the values and character traits I believe in and then there are the days when I have to step back and see that I have definitely not been “walking my talk”!  I know that I am definitely a work in progress!  However, I believe that the important point is that I am trying to be aware and conscious so that I am always striving to lead by example in my words and actions.  At times this means being brutally honest with myself when I have to own the fact that I haven’t been the role model of my beliefs.  As unpleasant as that self truth can be, I also know that it is critically important.  How can I ask my friends, family, child and anyone else to lead a life of kindness and integrity if I am not working to do that myself?

It is a definite journey that I travel every day.  Some days more successfully than others!  I offer the challenge to all of you…are you willing to join me on the journey?  Are you willing to honestly examine your daily words and actions and try to LEAD BY EXAMPLE?  None of us will be perfect but if we are all honestly trying to live in love and kindness I believe we will be amazed at the changes we will see in our daily lives and communities!

Lemons and water – A fantastic gift to your health!

I have so often had people say to me that while they believe in natural living they just feel that it costs too much money and is too time consuming to be realistic for them to follow.  Well here’s a fantastic step towards natural health that everyone can take that is neither costly nor time-consuming!

Each morning start your day with a cup of warm water with a freshly squeezed lemon!  Simple yet powerful!

It has a list of benefits that are amazing.  Just to give you an idea…

  • Helps eliminate internal toxins
  • Cleanses the liver
  • Helps the digestive process
  • Reduces uric acid in joints – too much uric acid contributes to inflammation
  • Regulates natural bowel movement
  • Cleanses blood, blood vessels and arteries
  • Helps to create an alkalizing effect in the body
  • Supports the immune system

These are just some of the benefits that you can receive by adding this simple habit into your daily routine.  For more details and a more comprehensive list of the ways that lemon water can improve your health see the article in Huffington Post    http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/03/17/lemon-water- .html   or at Living Traditionally http://livingtraditionally.com/20-reasons-drink-lemon-water-mornings/      

Beginning the journey of improving your health doesn’t have to mean extreme, time-consuming or costly changes to your life.  Remember even small, simple steps can bring SIGNIFICANT improvements!

Peace and wellness,



When did living a frantic non stop paced life become a badge of honor?

This past week was winter break.  It was also a week filled with record breaking low temperatures and periodic snow “events”.  As a result, we found ourselves spending way more time than usual cocooned in the warmth of our home by the fire.  In other words, we were mellow.  Over the week an interesting thing happened.  As the days went by and I had more time than usual to be quiet I started to become aware of things that I hadn’t noticed.  I realized how much of our daily lives were spent running from one place to the next as we went through each day full of activities.  From the moment we get up in the early morning we are busy getting ready for school and work, then to the bus stop and then drive quickly from there to get to work on time.  Work is non stop busy as it is for so many people and then it is race from work to get to the bus stop on time.  THEN begins the next part of the day – the after school timeframe – in the space of a few short hours there is homework to be done, dinner to be made, eaten and cleared and often a sport or club or other activity to be attended.  All this while being mindful of the importance of getting to bed at a time that allows for a solid night’s rest.  Our family schedule is actually mild compared to many people I know.

As I was organizing and updating my contacts I realized how many truly special and treasured people I am fortunate to have in my life.  As I went through the names thinking of each one it occurred to me that many of the conversations I have with each of them are actually very similar.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?…..

“Hi, it’s so great to talk to you!  How are you?  What have you been up to?”

“Oh same crazy!  I swear my life is insane!  We just are constantly running around.  Last night we didn’t get home until 10 and then still had to finish homework!

“I know, it’s the same thing here – we are gone every weekend with the travel team.”

“Listen, we REALLY have to get together and catch up!  Let’s definitely contact each other and set a date”

“Absolutely!  Let me check the scheduling calendar on the fridge and see what might work – maybe next month – I’ll text you”

The details may differ but the sentiment is the same.  Good friends who certainly love and miss each other but basically their contact with each other is to speak about how they are too busy to get together.  I remember growing up as a child and while my parents were certainly busy as they raised our family they regularly got together with their friends.  Most of the time these gatherings were not to go to big events or formal dinners but rather a group of friends who got together at each other’s homes for a casual dinner and to sit and talk and share their lives.  I watched how they all participated in each other’s lives.  If someone needed help or support there were always people available to assist.  Their regular, ongoing contact with each other allowed them to truly SHARE in each other’s daily lives.  My parents and their friends are in their 80s now and still are connected.  Their shared life journey is precious to all of them.

Life has taken on a much more frantic pace since our parents’ generation.  Technology has us “connected” all the time yet in many ways we are actually more disconnected.  We communicate in sound bites of texts rather than long conversations.  There is a pressure to “succeed” and often that is a belief that in order to do well in life it is important to start building a resume from infancy.  Winning and accomplishments are regularly posted to show how productive we are being.  Children are encouraged to participate in sports, the arts and other types of clubs and activities – not because it is something they are necessarily passionate about but because it is seen as an entry to scholarships or acceptances to the “right” colleges or other forms of achievement.  At some point there seems to have been a shift and many times people seem to wear their frantic and overwhelming schedules like a badge of honor.

This week’s slower pace gave me a wonderful gift of becoming aware of how when I fill my days with nonstop activities I miss out on so much in my life experience.  By not running at high speed through each day I felt more creative, peaceful, aware and definitely more engaged with people I interacted with.  I didn’t feel like I was “falling behind” – in fact in many ways I found myself more productive and completing projects that had been on my “to do” list for months but I could never get to because I was always running.

The culmination for me was on Saturday night when we got together with friends that we have known for years.  They live no more than 15 minutes from  us and yet it had been so long since we had actually made time to get together it was the first time they were meeting our 10 year old son!  We had a wonderful, relaxed, fun evening and it was the perfect period to the sentence of my week.  All the mini Ah-Ha’s I had been having during the week came together on Saturday when I realized that I can make a choice to not follow the belief that the more crazy busy my life the better.  Instead I am going to choose carefully what I fill my schedule with and be sure to leave empty spaces throughout for “recharging”.   Most importantly however, I am going to change the habit of having conversations that talk about how “busy” we are and let’s “try” to get together and create a new habit making the time to see my friends and experience the joy of truly sharing in each others’ lives.

I’m no longer seeking the badge of honor for living the express track life and now I’m seeking the badge honor for living the truly engaged life!  Care to join me????

slow living


Join me in the positive parenting movement!

For many schools another quarter of the school year has just ended and once again there is a flurry of bumper stickers being mailed out and stuck on cars announcing that in the car is a parent who is proud of their child who is on the honor roll.  Many of you who know me are probably already smiling because you have heard me say how much this bothers me.

I think it is wonderful that parents are proud of their children.  I believe that it so affirming for children to know that their parents believe in them and celebrate their strengths.  My problem is that for some reason the focus that seems to be advertised on everyone’s cars and across social media in many cases  a pride solely connected to their child’s academic performance.

Part of what makes the world so fabulously wonderful and interesting is that not everyone is exactly the same.  We all have different strengths and talents and our own unique, important contributions to make to the world around us.  I firmly believe that there is not one area of talent that is more important or valuable than another.  They are all needed.  These bumper stickers send out a very subtle yet strong message to our children that being an honor roll student is the mark of what is truly important enough to make parents make a public announcement to the world about how proud they are.  My issue with this is that I have seen MANY children who are incredible individuals with truly special gifts and talents but not necessarily with grades that make the honor roll.  They have sat with me and cried over the fact that they are not “good enough” because they didn’t get the bumper sticker even though they tried.  I can’t tell you how sad this makes me feel.  How horrible that we are giving our children the message that they can only earn our pride through their grades.

Dr. Wayne Dyer www.waynedyer.com commented that when his children were young he used to have a bumper sticker on his car that said “Proud Parent…unconditionally”!  As soon as I read this I knew that was the perfect answer to my negative feelings about the honor roll stickers!  I began a personal campaign to try and change the society tradition of telling our children the way to a parent’s public pride is through their academic performance.  What a one dimensional, limited way to view a person’s accomplishments.  Instead, why not proclaim to the world that you are proud of your child with no conditions.  That allows you to be be acknowledging the child who creates beautiful artistic creations in music and art, who can take broken machines and instinctively know what to do to bring them back to working condition, who can brighten the spirits of everyone around them through their ability to make people laugh or any of the other multitude of ways that our children can make us proud every day of their lives!  What a powerful, positive message to give our children and believe me they will notice it!  Imagine what giving them a foundation of knowing that you are proud of them for the WHOLE person they are and not just the “ranking” they receive from an education system that is complex and in crisis right now.

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