Bridges Over Troubled Waters

One of my favorite quotes is “Be kind for everyone is fighting their own battle”.

I have always used this as a reminder to myself that every single person we meet has a story happening in their lives. The hope is that, for the most part, these stories are peaceful and happy. I think of life as the ocean. I am most at peace when it is calm and I can just float along embracing the gentle rocking motions and allowing the energy to fill me. Then there are the times when the larger swells build and carry me up high in their arc and then release me with a “whoosh” and I feel the excitement of the adrenaline rush similar to those moments going downhill on a bicycle or a ride at an amusement park. Those usually happen with the big momentous occasions in life (celebrations including births, weddings, new beginnings etc.)

However, there are also the times when the storm clouds come in and the water takes on a new rhythm. It is choppy and no longer soothing. The swells are menacing and no longer exciting and there is not the fun, exhilarating release from them but rather a crashing down of them around you tossing you every which way. These are the times in our life when our experiences bring us feelings of uncertainty, pain, confusion and fear. They will occur. There is no special protection one can do to avoid them. They are part of the natural balance of life. Without them we would not be able to recognize and appreciate the tides of calm and exhilaration.   Although we can appreciate that they are a natural and necessary part of the rhythm of life it doesn’t mean it is in any way easy or fun when we are in rough waters.

When the rough waters hit and the instinct is to panic and feel fear, open your eyes and look around. There will be a bridge – in the midst of all the tossing and crashing of waves there will always be a bridge – whether it is a person or organization or some other form of support that will be there to help support you. While the waters will still be rough the bridge will help provide some stability and protection as you go through the storm to the inevitable calmer waters that will always come again.

Today – take a moment to recognize and thank the “Bridges Over Troubled Water” that are and have been in your lives and be aware of when you may need to be a bridge for someone else.

Thank you to my Bridges Over Troubled Water!






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