Handling Life’s Unexpected Changes

So you are going about daily life and all is smooth and then something happens to change everything in an instant. Something that changes the course of your daily life immediately and with no warning. It can be a big, catastrophic event that will change your life permanently or it may be a smaller crisis that will temporarily create a detour in your normal day to day life.

How do you respond?

It happens to all of us at various points throughout life. We know this. We witness it occurring daily in the lives of others yet, when it occurs in our own life we are more often than not shocked and surprised.

I had one of those unexpected detours occur in the form of a misstep resulting in a fractured foot. Not a catastrophe and certainly not permanent but a definite sideroad off the anticipated path of my summer. So here I am enrolled in an intensive course on Mindfulness (MBSR by Jon Kabat-Zinn) and I find myself spending the bulk of my day sitting and keeping off my foot. Wayne Dyer always said that there are NO coincidences. Perhaps the Universe felt this was the perfect way to provide me with AMPLE opportunity to truly do the reflection and “sitting” time that the course requires removing the opportunity for me to be too distracted and busy running around to fully immerse myself in the process. All of a sudden the course has now taken on a new depth that is perhaps even more meaningful than originally intended.

When the unexpected situation occurs it is up to us to decide how we are going to react. We have two equally valid paths. Positive and negative. Both are legitimate however, I believe that only the positive is productive. However, it can also be much more challenging. I know for myself, it is very easy to slip into the negative. Feelings of anxiety, fear, depression, frustration and even anger at the situation are all readily present and accessible. I think it is important to acknowledge them but I also find for myself that indulging in them and staying in their energy does not end up helping or improving my situation. I find myself in low moods that are not my norm and are not very comfortable at all. In addition, I know that I become an energy drain on myself and others and that is also not the way I try to live my daily life.

So I decided that I wanted to choose the positive path. The first step involves shifting my perspective on the situation and decreasing the focus on self pity and increasing the focus on gratitude.

I’m grateful that it wasn’t worse. It certainly could have been. I’m grateful for the incredible love, support and patience that my friends and family have extended to me over the past 12 days and I promise them that I am working to lessen the drain that I know I have been! I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue my own self growth. Having a career in the helping profession nothing gives me more joy than when I feel that I am able to be a supporting part of someone’s journey in their self growth and empowerment. However, it is important that I also continue on my own journey and know that we are never done with our opportunities to grow. One of my favorite teachers, Wayne Dyer, used his life and the various stages of growth that he experienced throughout as ways to continuously enhance his teachings and work with others. That is my goal with this situation.

I choose to use this experience as a divine opportunity for further growth and I welcome you to join me on my journey through my posts and hope that perhaps some part of my learning will resonate and speak to you on your journey.

For my first step I am focusing on my courage and strength and I welcome you to do the same in your life!

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