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For many schools another quarter of the school year has just ended and once again there is a flurry of bumper stickers being mailed out and stuck on cars announcing that in the car is a parent who is proud of their child who is on the honor roll.  Many of you who know me are probably already smiling because you have heard me say how much this bothers me.

I think it is wonderful that parents are proud of their children.  I believe that it so affirming for children to know that their parents believe in them and celebrate their strengths.  My problem is that for some reason the focus that seems to be advertised on everyone’s cars and across social media in many cases  a pride solely connected to their child’s academic performance.

Part of what makes the world so fabulously wonderful and interesting is that not everyone is exactly the same.  We all have different strengths and talents and our own unique, important contributions to make to the world around us.  I firmly believe that there is not one area of talent that is more important or valuable than another.  They are all needed.  These bumper stickers send out a very subtle yet strong message to our children that being an honor roll student is the mark of what is truly important enough to make parents make a public announcement to the world about how proud they are.  My issue with this is that I have seen MANY children who are incredible individuals with truly special gifts and talents but not necessarily with grades that make the honor roll.  They have sat with me and cried over the fact that they are not “good enough” because they didn’t get the bumper sticker even though they tried.  I can’t tell you how sad this makes me feel.  How horrible that we are giving our children the message that they can only earn our pride through their grades.

Dr. Wayne Dyer commented that when his children were young he used to have a bumper sticker on his car that said “Proud Parent…unconditionally”!  As soon as I read this I knew that was the perfect answer to my negative feelings about the honor roll stickers!  I began a personal campaign to try and change the society tradition of telling our children the way to a parent’s public pride is through their academic performance.  What a one dimensional, limited way to view a person’s accomplishments.  Instead, why not proclaim to the world that you are proud of your child with no conditions.  That allows you to be be acknowledging the child who creates beautiful artistic creations in music and art, who can take broken machines and instinctively know what to do to bring them back to working condition, who can brighten the spirits of everyone around them through their ability to make people laugh or any of the other multitude of ways that our children can make us proud every day of their lives!  What a powerful, positive message to give our children and believe me they will notice it!  Imagine what giving them a foundation of knowing that you are proud of them for the WHOLE person they are and not just the “ranking” they receive from an education system that is complex and in crisis right now.

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