Standard Reiki Session – 1 hour

45-50 minutes of reiki and time for practitioner and client discussion - $75

Initial Reiki Intake

**Recommended for clients who are new to Reiki** -- 90 minute session allows time for detailed discussion of client's individual concerns and treatment plan -- $100

Reiki Mini Session

30 minutes of Reiki -- $55

Healing/Wellness Consultation – Initial Intake

1.5 hour individual consultation to develop personalized living limit free life plan -- $100

Healing/Wellness Consultation Follow-Up Visits

45 minutes to review progress and update limit free living plan -- $55

Limit Free Living Seminars

Presentation to groups to educate on an overview of limit free living or specific topics (ie. reiki, natural health, essential oils, raising limit free children etc) for companies, schools, organizations and the general community.

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