Welcome to Creating Limit Free Lives!

10 years ago I was blessed with the birth of my son. Like any parent I wanted to do all the “right” things to help him grow to be healthy and happy. I learned quickly that there was no exact guide to how to accomplish this and that there were many paths and interpretations as to what exactly defined healthy and happy. I decided that instead of trying to follow someone else’s path I would observe, learn and create my own. Through the years as my path has and continues to evolve, I have experienced the positive results in the lives of myself and my family. I began to be approached by others who were intrigued by our family’s lifestyle and wanted to learn more about it.

I began offering seminars and workshops to share with others and also developed a private practice to be able to work with people individually. I am not offering a step by step rigid guide on to “how to live”. What I believe is that there are many “right” paths to healthy and happy living. As I explored my definition of what made a life healthy and happy I found it in a phrase I learned in my studies of the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer www.waynedyer.com. He wrote about being a No Limit Person. This concept resonated with me. I have always embraced the concept of individuality. The more that I thought it I realized that, for me, when I am being true to myself and living from my center, following my inner wisdom and using the tools from my personal toolbox (more on that idea to come!) that is when I truly feel that I am living healthy and happy!

Creating Limit Free Lives is a place for helping others on their journey to discovering the specific path that takes them to their own personal healthy and happy life. I believe everyone has a personal toolbox that they can fill with a variety of resources that will help them in their creating and living healthy and happy lives. The specific “tools” each person chooses may differ but the result will support them in achieving their own personal Limit Free Life of healthy and happy. ┬áMy intention is to share some of the tools that I have and continue to learn about so that you will be able to explore them and see which might be useful in YOUR life toolbox!

Thank you for joining me on the journey!

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