What is your motivation for diving into a limit free life?

As I’ve said before, I didn’t always live a conscious, natural lifestyle.  I drank soda (lots of it), ate fast food, believed that if I got sick it would definitely require a prescription to “fix” and thought of meditation as something from the sixties.  Then came Eli….

He became my motivation for transformation even before his birth!  Our adoption journey was full of MANY, MANY emotional ups and downs and while we were on that crazy roller coaster we were guided to a CD of a presentation by Dr. Wayne Dyer  http://www.drwaynedyer.com called There Is A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem   http://www.hayhouse.com/there-s-a-spiritual-solution-to-every-problem.  This opened the door to my new journey.  The first change that happened for me was learning about meditation and both of us began meditating on a regular basis.  I definitely know that this created a positive energy shift in our lives in so many ways with the most important one being the birth of Eli!

Eli continued to be the motivator for change in our lives as we began the process that all new parents experience of trying to figure out how to raise this amazing blessing that has come into their lives with no instruction manual!!!  I firmly believe that the energy shift that meditation and spirituality brought into our lives continued to lead us to the further doors and paths that opened for us leading us more and more to living limit free lives!

Take a moment and think what your motivation was or could be for taking your first step toward creating a limit free life…then use it to take your first step toward a new life!

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